Looking for a Publisher in China and in Japan

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I headed my own international marketing consultancy whose clients included trans-national corporations, a United Nations Agency, Previous I was chairman / CEO of a food company for 10 years. I have met kings, prime ministers and captains of industry. I have visited some 90 countries. My book is based on presentations on cross-cultural relations at seminars, etc. My sense of humor makes the book readable and entertaining. I was an air racing pilot and Chairman of the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom. I live in Central London, am happily married and aged 89. I play Bridge, Croquet and occasionally Lawn Bowling.I paint in water-colour.
As an author, I am looking for a publisher in the USA & Canada, South & Central America, Continental Europe, Japan, South-East Asia & Australasia for my book: Social Kissing, Gifts and Bribes - How to get on with people worldwide. The paperback, published by Authors OnLine ISBN is 978-07552-1265-1 The eBook published by Authors OnLine ISBN is: 978-07552-1249-1. This book was published in 2014 by the Sun Yat-sen University Press of Guangzhou, P.R of China with the title: "An Introduction to International Business Etiquette". ISBN: 978-7-306-04924-7.