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Book Rights at PubMatch 2016-08-19 PubMatch is an online global publishing network where you can find authors, book publishers, agents and book rights professionals from across the globe.
Book Marketing and International Discoverability tools - Pubmatch

Discoverability and Marketing Tools

Discoverability and Marketing Tools

Whether trying to sell rights, or sell copies of books, it's impossible to sell something that people don't know about. On PubMatch, we're happy to offer a number of discoverability outlets to help your books get found both on and off the PubMatch network.



Step 1

PubMatch's searchable network has many search tools through which our users can be discovered! Be sure to be as detailed as possible with all of the fields on your PubMatch profile and title pages to be found as often as possible!



Step 2

Upload a PDF or ePub file of your book and our system automatically converts it for a look inside the book feature with a custom direct URL that you can direct anyone to!



Step 3

PubMatch members also receive weekly emails with potential matches. Whether you're buying rights or selling rights, we can help you find what you're looking for and deliver it right to your inbox!*.



Step 4

The popular Catalog Creation Tool helps you announce your available rights beyond the PubMatch Network*

  • Create catalogs in just a few clicks and a few minutes, instead of the many days and weeks it currently takes many rights departments
  • You decide how it looks, from how many titles appear on each page, to what fields are included and color schemes, fonts and more!
  • Catalogs are generated as PDF, Word, and Excel files, as well as an email ready HTML Version
  • Copy the HTML Embed Code to paste your custom catalog anywhere that accepts HTML! HTML clicks through to your book's PubMatch page for the look inside the book, and click to purchase rights (if available).
  • Merge several catalogs together to create a master catalog for big events. Complete with a customizable table of contents and cover!



Step 5

For single titles, use the Single Title Sell Sheet tool to create print ready flyers with your desired color schemes!*

*These features available for Premium Level users only. Videos