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Book Rights at PubMatch 2016-08-19 PubMatch is an online global publishing network where you can find authors, book publishers, agents and book rights professionals from across the globe.
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Buying Book Rights

Buying Book Rights

Growing the list of books you publish goes a long way in generating revenue. With PubMatch, you can find and preview books that fit your criteria, and with [email protected], you can purchase rights to available titles with just a few clicks.



Step 1

Nearly 100 thousand titles are detailed on PubMatch, many with all rights available



Step 2

Books are from users in 150+ different countries and originally published in dozens of languages.



Step 3

Look for the "Buy Rights Online" box to purchase rights instantly*.

  • When buying rights, you're able to see what the seller is offering and choose what you want to purchase
  • Preview the contract before agreeing to the purchase--remember, when you buy rights on PubMatch, there is a fully executed contract!
  • Pay your advance via credit card or invoice Videos