Debuting at The London Book Fair from March 14-16 March 2017. Come and see the book!!!

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"I have been a midwife since 1999 and trained in Hampshire. I have worked for the majority of my career in the community. My home now is in Dorset. It was an honor in 2014 to win a national award. One of the student midwives whom I guided through her training nominated me for this award. I was amazed to be short-listed. Being the actual winner of the Midwives Magazine Mentor of the Year was inspiring. I feel passionately about caring for the families I look after, and I find imparting my knowledge to the next generation of midwives a privilege. Living in an extended family enables me to have the joy of returning from work to be greeted by my four-legged friends and my very special son. He takes my job in his stride, and I delivered most of his classmates! He always reminds me to take care if I have to go out to a birth in the middle of the night. The greatest joy in life is becoming a parent. Being a midwife is the next best thing."
Maximum sales and exposure for my book globally to help all expectant and new parents enjoy their journey to parenthood. This book has had brilliant reviews and has captured what I wanted to achieve - the audience saying it is just like having a midwife chat to them. All medical jargon removed and replaced with common sense advice.