Will be on display at CT Library Assoc Conference April 27-28

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PRIORITIES… is Elizabeth Stuart-Grimes’ first book under her own name. Ms. Stuart-Grimes, 50ish, is an American ex-patriot who has been living in Belgium and France for over 25 years after leaving the hectic New York PR/Advertising world to raise her children as a ‘stay-at-home’ mom. Ms. Stuart-Grimes is a self-proclaimed scientific tree-hugger and rational thinker. After her children left the nest, she spent over 10 years as a technical writer in the energy business, producing a wide range of print and audio-visual materials on how to improve electrical production and transmission thus reducing the heavy environmental footprint we are currently imposing on our planet.
Open to propositions for sales and distribution; bulk sale purchases; translation rights... make me an offer we can't refuse! FYI there are 4(FOUR) books in the Priorities... series planned before the end of 2017.