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As before Wunderwear Woman is different. She is not anorexic, muscled and hardbodied. She doesn't collapse at the sight of Kryptonite, or turn into a fly or spider, nor does she fly in the air or run up walls to destroy two hundred opponents in thirty seconds. Some might say she just blunders in whereas in reality she only wants to speak her mind and say it as she sees it. In the first book she was based in the UK. Here she is based in the USA. She is happily married, has slimmed down and has a more thoughtful but still forthright approach. She is still big, bold, upfront and in your face. She wants to change the world and dares to say things others hardly dare to think. She faces the facts as she see them and faces the people who need to be faced. In the first book the characters who surrounded her mainly fed her the lines. In this book her companions have a lot more to say for themselves. This is an adult book, humorous, satirical and sexually explicit with strong language in places. Things that adults do! Wunderwear Woman is not for the smug, contented and fainthearted and is specifically designed to irritate the conservatives and politically correct. Enjoy the world of Wunderwear.