Dana Newman Literary, LLC

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Dana Newman is an independent literary agent based in Los Angeles. She's also a transactional and intellectual property attorney, advising creators and businesses on contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and licensing. Her focus is on helping creative entrepreneurs and authors achieve their goals, and she represents a wide variety of clients in entertainment, media and business. With years of experience working in the entertainment industry during the digital revolution in film editing and audio recording, Dana is excited about the changes happening in publishing and enthusiastically embraces new technologies and ideas about how books will be created, distributed and experienced in the future. Dana combines her professional insight, educational background (B.A. in Comparative Literature from U.C. Berkeley, J.D. from University of San Francisco), and a lifelong love of reading to provide a sophisticated, innovative approach to her role as a literary agent. A believer in the power of books to shape our culture and impact lives, she enjoys working with authors who are passionate about their work and have something meaningful to share. From crafting proposals and polishing manuscripts through negotiating and managing contracts and rights, Dana strives to be a trusted advisor and create a holistic, long-term working relationship with her clients.
Dana is interested in nonfiction books in the areas of lifestyle and wellness (health, mind-body-spirit, self-help, cookbooks, and fitness), memoir, business, technology, parenting, popular culture, biography, computers/technology, and upmarket women's fiction.