Claudia Pisano

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I've started writing a few years ago, because I've a great fantasy and when I write my words flow free. Writing to me is the best way to express myself, when I write, I feel confident and free. In June 2019 I've published a book in Italy (where I live) , a very engaging story for young and people who want always dream, a story that teach that the power of love heal everything. I've write this story for my son Riccardo, because, sixteen years ago, due to a medical mistake he suffered a severe brain damage during his birth and since then he's completely immobile. I've invented a machine that allows to him despite his condition to walk and move his body, and I want to improve this machine with the money I'll earn from the sale of my book.
I want to publish my book in other countries and I'm looking for a person who's interested and can help me. Please, read my cover story and contact me ...