eBooks revolution: let your readers Read, Listen, Watch books!

The CINE-BOOKS company creates and publishes unique cine-books. Added value of our services gives to our clients (publishers and authors) the opportunity not only survive in the current dramatic changes of publishing industry, but even increase the audience of readers by successful competition for reader’s attention with numerous modern media (TV series, movies, web pages, online video, music, games etc). Cine-books are a new type of entertainment for the whole family, combining advantages of books and movies. In difference from filmed books (movies), cine-books keep full original content of original books. Technically cine-book is extended e-book with photo illustrations with cinematographic quality, movie inserts, voice, sound and music. It can be read as book or heard as audio-book, and also watched like a movie! On PC, tablet, or even with the entire family on the big screen! Also it can be availabe as movie for TV channels or Internal broadcasting. Unique, progressive and high quality content and cost-effective services of our company makes it possible to your company to be in step with the times and perform digital transition successfully.
Looking for Publishers and Authors interested to publish thier books in our unique format called "cine-book" that combine advantages of text books, audio books and movies.