Chevaneeze Howell

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Chevaneeze Howell was born and raised in the beautiful parish of Manchester, Jamaica. From a tender age she became a Christian and has always had an interest in becoming an author.This dream was realized after she completed her first degree and was patiently waiting on the Lord to provide a job was when she started compiling book " Be Inspired... God is not Through with You Yet."Howell is a teacher by profession. She is a graduate of the Mico University College who has acquired a B.Ed Secondary Education (Hons) and is currently reading for a Masters in Management and Educational Leadership. She is ambitious and determined to do the best at whatever she does. One of her greatest fervors is to contribute to the work of God. She enjoys inspiring people and is guided by the philosophy, " If you believe it, you can achieve it; I believe I can." She considers herself to be an ordinary person with extraordinary capabilities. With God as her navigator, she is desirous to thrive towards being better than the person she was yesterday as she touches the lives of others.