Harriett Bronson

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Born in Philadelphia, Harriett Bronson went to a local drama school to become an actress and fulfill her dream of going on the New York stage. Instead, she met and married a fellow acting student, Charlie Buchinsky (now known as Charles Bronson) and followed him to California. After sixteen years of marriage, two children and a high-profile divorce, Harriett once again found herself looking for a career. She considered getting back into acting, but serendipity intervened and she ended up as a radio talk show host for a total of 9 years - first on KABC, and then on KIEV and KGIL. One reviewer dubbed her husky "purr" the "best female voice in radio." Harriett is also the author of two humor books, and for a number of years worked as a personal manager for songwriters and authors. She has two adult children and lives in Los Angeles.
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