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A lot of what you read about soldiers and war is either untrue, derogatory, exaggerated, or boring?take your pick. This book is different from typical military fiction because of the irreverent slant that I have used as your author. I feature bad commissioned officers from West Point and good noncommissioned enlisted men and the struggles that they face whenever they are trying to communicate. My primary protagonist is Sergeant James Homer Hounshell of Jackson, Kentucky, my maternal uncle. My secondary protagonist is Larry Wetzlen (PA) who was injured by a friendly fire and a victim of battle fatigue. Jimmy becomes his nurse for the duration and the storyline is looking after Larry. The antagonist is Second Lieutenant Oscar Karo from Georgia, a man who goes out of his way to make pain for James Homer. Their feud started during basic training and continued until 1945. I?ll take you through the major campaigns of WWII, his mysterious death just two days before the final conflict at Magdeburg, his burial at Margraten, and his love affairs. How the mystery of his murder is solved is a very unusual and interesting part. I hope that you enjoy my book.