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CEM Publishers Celebrating & Building S. African Heritage & Legacy Through Books, Food & Dialogues Dialogue Dining illustrates the culinary diversity of Southern African cuisine and of some regarding neighbouring states - comparing the similarities and dually authenticating its unique palatable heritage. Written in a conversational style regarding African cuisine, it elevates the subject to essentially be exported and celebrated internationally. This handy culinary compilation will bestow the reader with explorations regarding local African lifestyles, history, art, clothing and music.. and perhaps even some song and dance. For tourists visiting these African countries - possessing a diversity of ethnic cultures, it is a worthy read regarding heritage and of course African Cuisine. A guide which should be included in any tourist’s travel package. The recipes are spiced with conversations. From families enjoying their meal, to serving tables as a maître d' at unique restaurants and even a conversation with a stranger on an aeroplane – enroute to an African destination. Humbly composed, Dialogue Dining serves to stimulate culinary discussions. The servings are generous regarding knowledge of food, as well as the personal and touching experiences of the author, Eunice Rakhale-Molefe. Her recollections of her “Back-and-Front of House” experiences in the restaurant business makes it a fitting handbook for those who endeavour to indulge themselves in unique african culinary deilghts. Dialogue Dining forms part of the tourism calendar. A hallmark of CEM Publishers founded and established by Eunice Rakhale-Molefe. 7This business concept was born out of need. Let us preserve and own our African stories. My story is a culinary tale. Eunice tells the African food story through hosting dining tables at distinctive cultural heritage eateries and sites; bringing to light the neglected aspects of African cuisine.
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