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Copyright Agency of China (CAC), set up in 1988 and authorized by the Chinese government, is the first national copyright agency in China and the biggest one that has represented the greatest varieties of copyright in our country. Since its foundation in 1998, CAC has been put under the uniform management of CPCC according to the decision of PPA and NCAC. Apart from the traditional copyright agency business of copyrights of books and audio-video products, CAC has made great efforts to extend the scope of business to the agency for the rights of periodicals, movies & television, works of fine arts, photographic works, electronic publications, digitized products, animation & comic, game software, and network communications. At present, CAC has cooperated with many major domestic and oversea agencies and publishers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Russia, US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Australia, Bulgaria、 Ukraine, Georgia, Brazil, etc., and has established long-standing friendly cooperation relations with them. CAC has a lot of professional and conscientious copyright agents who are proficient in English, Russian, Japanese, French and German, and it has established a whole set of scientific, standardized and efficient mode of operation and management, acting as agent for and signing more than 5 000 copyright trade contracts and accumulated very rich resources of authors, works and users as well as information of internal & external publication and copyright. As a result, CAC enjoys an excellent reputation among authors and copyright industries. In a word, CAC has contributed greatly to the development of copyright trade in China. Our primary responsibility is to transfer and license copyright, to provide legal consultation and protection regarding copyright issues, and to collect and distribute the remuneration for the use of copyright. We also supervise the contract signing and its operation including payment transaction and communion organizing. In addition, CAC provides international copyright information on our website http://www.ccopyright.com/ . Our sole purpose is to offer comprehensive copyright services to copyright owners and users of various published works.
(1) Publishers and authors around the word in promoting their books to Chinese publishers as to publish Chinese simplified translation editions in Mainland China. (2) Publishers who are interested in acquiring foreign language translation rights for Chinese books.


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