Carlos Torres

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Carlos Torres is a writer, editor, lecturer , father and pacifist. He is married to Sue Zanquim also a writer and broadcaster . Both are 41 years old and since 2007 , with over 140,000 copies sold , his books have sparked thousands of people to a new life. When Carlos was a young artist , camelot on the island of Florianópolis in Brazil, graphic, professional photographer , graphic designer working in partnership with the largest publishers in Brazil and product development for Disney . Degree in business administration, was always on the artistic and publishing segment , but he never imagined that one day would become a writer of self-help books , fiction, motivation and espirituality . The call came in the middle of 2006 after some metaphysical experiences ( extracorporeal ) and realize he should devote himself to literature. At first did not understand the meaning of that call, for his life was totally focused on the corporate market . Gradually came to understand through spiritual guidance that had a greater purpose to be fulfilled in his life and realized that should spread to many people as possible the hidden knowledge that was stored within his consciousness . Thus , eventually decided that the best art form to disseminate this information should be written . In less than two months after first metaphysical experience , the first book The Law of Attraction was being published by Madras in Brazil in 2006 , the largest publisher of holistic country. In less than 30 days it was already considered one of the top selling books in the country . It started from there a process of searching through occultism , theosophy , spiritualism , projectiology and hidden knowledge about ancient Egypt . Among the highly successful books of the author are the titles "2012 The Golden Age " , co-written with his wife Sue Zanquim , " The Law of Attraction " , " The Great Pulse " and " The Law of Sharing ," with more 140,000 copies sold . Although it is considered a social critic, Carlos always had an optimistic view of the world . The Golden Age book was written in 2007 and published in 2008 and became in a few months Best Seller in self help and spirituality segment , getting more than 16 weeks among the bestsellers in the best BooksStores of Brazil and Amazon Ebooks. His books cover a broad audience , eager for information about the arrival of the Golden Age , as on the powers of the mind and consciousness . The author himself say that the success of his books come naturally to have a simple language , easy to understand and have the power to excite and bring teachings through remarkable story and unforgettable characters
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