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C. B. Garris is an EMS Paramedic/First Responder, Firefighter and Emergency Management Specialist; and a former member of NYC EMS {the New York City Emergency Medical Service; now entitled FDNY-EMS}. A New York City native, he served as an Assistant Watch Commander/Senior Emergency Management Specialist and Operations Resource Coordinator in the 9-1-1 Command and Control Division, coordinating tactical operations. He was the EMS logistical resource coordinator for the original terrorist bombing attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, an Instructor of Emergency Medicine at the UCLA Medical Center/Center for Prehospital Care, an Emergency Management/Dive Rescue Coordinator to the motion picture industry, and is a clinical regulatory/biomedical specialist in emergency medicine, tactical/urban combat medicine and advanced resuscitation. C.B. is a huge fan of animals and animal rights advocacy/protection. C. B. asks that if at all possible, please adopt a pet from your local shelter and give them a forever home.