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C! House Agency is part of C House Group and was founded in 2013 by Gabriela Nascimento, a publishing professional with more than 15 years experience. She has been built her career in Brazil in companies such as Grupo Autêntica (as Publishing Manager was responsible for structure the Gutenberg imprint), Ediouro Publicações (nowadays HarperCollins Brasil), Vida & Consciência (in both as Acquisition Editor), Editora Escala (magazines Editor-in-Chief) and Panda Books (as Editorial Coordinator). Today she is an entrepreneur and immigrant (she left Brazil in 2014, and she currently has been split between Portugal and Denmark) and she is looking for partners who want to make a difference in the world of books, world of stories. As an enthusiast of innovation and a real trend hunter, she always founded herself engaged in digital and transmedia world, which led her to create the C! House Group/Agency. Her intention was to present a new agency model, not only literary, but an agency of any creative content that can be deployed in various off and online media, consumed as art and entertainment, and monetized as a product. And the best part is that the Agency were born global, with offices and partners in Brazil, Portugal and Denmark. We use our passion for literary content (with an integrated understanding of transmedia storytelling) and deep knowledge in strategic Branding to offer an innovative way to develop and promote the book. We can also offer an extensive support as Publishing and Marketing Consultancy and, of course, we've been specializing in the traditional international representation of Publishing Houses' catalogues, authors and illustrators, prospecting new business possibilities, thru exploitation of Foreign and Subsidiary rights. The idea is that by signing each contract and finishing the produce of each work, the Publishing Houses make all investment worth and get as much as possible of results, getting more money back with the full exploitation of copyrights. If you are a Publishing House, author (that keeps the copyrights), an illustrator or an Intellectual Proprierty holder C! House can help you to explore Brazil, Portugal & Scandinavia markets (at least! we can spread ou r work based in your necessity: Latin America, otjers European countries?). If you are an Agency, we are always opened to Co-agency. We usually participate in various International Fairs (Book and Licensing) along all year and we are always mapping companies with great interest in literary products that can inspire new and innovative products. C! House also offers transmedia diagnosis of catalogues, to identify possible works to implement multi-platform deployment, offering full support to the development of a brand around them. Our strategic advice is oriented to the final product/consumer, accompanying all the process, from creation until conclude the sale of the project to appropriated companies, as well as following up the product's life. We will be more than happy to provide you more information about us and how we work and can assist you! Our website is in Portuguese but you can also find a link to a presentation (PDF file) in English. Welcome to the future & Let's C! "In a nutshell, we call this building worlds and telling stories."
PUBLISHERS What do you need? · Representation of your catalog abroad? Portugal, Scandinavia, Brasil - all Latin America? · An incubation of a title to transform it in Intellectual Property? · Partners to co-produce and spread your own project? · Managers and prospectors of licensing for your bet titles? · An optimization of your backlist?
 A diagnostic of transmedia potential of our catalogue? · An identification of the best multimedia features for your releases? · Creation of the multimedia features for unexplored titles? · A strategic planning to maximize the gains of a title?


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