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Books and Rights Marketplace is a translation/publishing agency in Tokyo, Japan. Two areas of businesses we offer are as follows. 1) AGENT SERVICE: With our network of hundreds of publishing/translation professionals we can help you market the translation rights of your book worldwide as your agent. We are a team of global rights specialists. We help you become the next international author! 2) TRANSLATION & PUBLISHING: Our network of publishers and translators are constantly on a lookout for quality books in different genres to translate into Japanese, as well as from Japanese to other languages. Please contact us and tell us about your book today! Manuscript submission is welcomed! Please email us and include the image of the book cover and an author photo as well. Your data will be strictly safeguarded. After a careful screening, your book will be featured on our weekly newsletter (at no cost!)
Independent authors for translation/publishing in Japanese. Preferred language of original books are: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean. Please consult with us for other languages as well!