Brimingstone LLC

Brimingstone Writer Services is a marketing agency for authors and writers. We do the marketing research, strategy and implementation so a writer's work can get into the hands of the right audience. We are not interested in being ordinary. Ordinary is a poster plastered in a obscure alley somewhere. Ordinary is a flyer that finds itself in a trashbin on a college campus. Ordinary is a book buried in a bookshelf and never read because interested readers have never heard of it. We aim to be extraordinary. Extraordinary is a book featured in an active Book Fair Exhibit, where the book is given live public exposure to thousands. Extraordinary is a website attracting hundreds of visitors a day and social media pages with hundreds, even thousands of followers, virally sharing the book to their friends and acquaintances. Extraordinary is when a Hollywood producer calls you and talks with you about the possibility of your book being adapted into the next hit TV series or film. That is extraordinary. And extraordinary is what we aim for.
Wow. What a book. Your magnum opus lies before you. As you thumb your way through, the pages glisten within. But despite its ability to elicit emotions of excitement and unparalleled accomplishment, you can't help but wonder...How will people know? It's not enough to have this marvelous piece of literature languishing unnoticed on the shelves of your hole-in-the-wall bookstores or the deep recesses of Amazon's enormous digital database. For other authors, this may be good enough. But not for you. You want this out there...and it's our job to help you do just that.