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Brian Gaull started his long career as a geophysicist in Papua New Guinea and Australia before his Antarctic experience. He has a Master?s Degree in Geophysics and has enjoyed the varied lifestyle of being a teacher, field scientist, researcher and consultant. His publications include papers on earthquake hazards, some of which were used as the basis for the 1993 Australian Standard?s Building Code for Earthquake loads in Australia. In later years Brian has been honing his creative writing skills and has already enjoyed success with the short story genre. In this memoir, the science is understandable and interesting and is counterbalanced with his very personal journey which demonstrates the humanity within us all. Brian also discusses his research on catastrophic iceberg calving in Antarctica and proposes how the seismic signals from them just prior to collapsing, could be used to warn people to avoid walking in their vicinity. He also suggests that the historical data seen on past seismograms may be used to ascertain whether East Antarctica is also warming, like its counterpart in the West.