Brandy Mundy

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Hello, my name is Brandy and i am a twenty seven year old mother of two. I absolutely love writing and think that the imagination is a powerful tool that can be used to teach and renew a love for life and the world of reading if cultivated right. i grew up in Mississippi, where I learned to write and use my imagination to escape what troubles i had to face at a young age. I started writing when I was twelve. I started writing as a way to express the pent up frustrations that were going on in my life at that time. My first writing was actually a short story based upon a dream i had. This was a total of four pages. After writing this, i continued on and as the years went by, so did my imagination. By the time I was fourteen, i decided to go to school for Journalism, but although I loved writing, i discovered that I preferred to use my own imagination and i would rather come up with my own ideas than write someone else's down. At age twenty one, after a two year battle with not giving up on something, because I was set on doing it even if i wasn't enjoying writing newspapers articles, and taking classes that was stifling the process of my schooling, I quit. I was really unhappy. i turned to criminal justice instead and found out that i love learning about it and love learning everything about the justice system in america. Along the road of journalism and criminal justice, I continue to write novels, although they have nothing to do with my choice of career.
I have written a novel for young adults based upon real life situations that young adults do find themselves in. The novel is for young teens ages fourteen to adult, due to the content of the book.


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