Lamp's Light (The Vision Chronicles) (Volume 7)

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More About This Title Lamp's Light (The Vision Chronicles) (Volume 7)


In the next installment of The Vision Chronicles, James’s ability has evolved once again. He now sees visions of the future through any lamp’s light. When it splays across the floor or table, he’s inextricably drawn towards the luminosity and powerless to resist it. Like a moth to a flame, he can’t withstand its dangerous temptation or his deep curiosity. In the light, James miraculously visits his ancestors in a far away secret realm. Can he courageously leave that peaceful place behind and find his way back to the earthly family he loves?
Lamp’s Light picks up where Stream of Light left off in this slice-of-life paranormal thriller series. If you love heart-pounding suspense and mystery along with a dash of paranormal, family life, and romance, this is the series for you!