Through the Trials Just Believe
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When faced with trials, one must be well-grounded in what drives him or her to continue the fight to live and overcome what may seem as an unsurpassable trial. The image of the tree grounded firmly on the rock symbolizes that solid grounding point and the will to survive when the trials of life seem overwhelming.

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From the streets of Manhattan's Spanish Harlem to Alaska, the Last Frontier, Nitza's varied life experiences helped shape her into a strong individual who learned to face life's challenges with confi dence and the determination to succeed. God knew she would need to have faith to persevere, a strong will to fi ght, and immense trust in Him, knowing that He would see her through life's challenges.

Nitza lives in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula with her husband and two sons. Despite an Ivy League education followed by law school, Nitza chose to stay at home with her two boys to homeschool and teach them about God's unfailing love. Those were wonderful years, enjoying the time with two happy and energetic young boys. In the fall, the boys would enjoy going fishing early in the morning with their dad to catch the winter's supply of Alaskan salmon and then return home for a hard day of school.

Life can present us at any time with unexpected, life changing circumstances which require strength and the support of others to endure. Discover how we can be more than conquerors through Nitza's story of her battle with cancer. This testimony attests to God's deep love for us and His promise to never leave us no matter what difficulties we face.

May the reader be encouraged in knowing that we need never feel alone in life's ups and downs.

Nitza Hollinger

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