One Story Inside Another
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The existence of Gulls is unquestionable; that they exist in the way portrayed in this book is for you to decide. The existence of off shore oil rigs is also unquestionable, and their becoming Spike Moulds Standing Upright in the Bright Mother Sea enhances rather than subtracts from their designed purpose. The wonders emerging from the Ocean of Energy are for you alone to investigate; they exist for your looking and laughing. The Ocean of Energy, like its much smaller water-filled sisters, is in constant motion with an inherent efficiency of the highest magnitude possible. What once was is recycled, and from this recycling, things are made anew, for what is important is never wasted. Appreciation of such wonders is, of course, an individual calling, and sadly, there are many amongst us today who seem convinced they actually own what the Ocean of Energy has freely created. The myriad of habitats created as havens for the life forms that followed the Beginning is a wonder greater than all else. The needs essential for daily survival were built unreservedly into the system so that they could be used freely whenever required. The record being left behind by my own species proves the system can be misused and abused. This misuse and abuse, so far as understood, seems to be tolerated because it is made from energy that has no inherent intelligence of its own. Come now, let Thag-Sea-Wolf and Humber-Current-Holly guide you through their remarkable journey while Harry Lloyd, living in a reality closely linked to Gulldom, guides you through his own story and the story of the oil industry.


I was born in the northeast of Scotland and spent a happy childhood there under the guidance of loving parents, both now sadly deceased. I left school when I was fifteen years old with only a very basic education. I went to sea when I turned sixteen. I remained at sea until 1970, when I went to work in the oil field. I joined the first rig that I ever worked on, and through the years until now, I slowly worked my way through the ranks to senior tool pusher. This represents working from the bottom to the top of the ladder. I reached my sixty-fifth birthday on January 9, 2014, and could have retired but have elected to work at least another three years. I love my job, and a good salary is a great bonus. I felt qualified to write One Story inside Another because I lived in this story while I wrote it, and now that it is written, it shall always be a part of me.