Flying Blind
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CRAG BANYON. HE'S JUST SUPER. When Minus, the city's newly minted superhero, shows up at Banyon Investigations looking for help tracking down his archenemy, Banyon's first instinct is to tell his prospective client to take a flying leap. Supervillains are notoriously unforgiving types, and so when it comes to dealing with them Banyon has a firm business policy that consists of three pillars: truth, justice and running away. Not necessarily in that order. But the hero is a sad sack, and the office elf wants Banyon to take the case, and none of the really good bars in town are open, and so, caught in a weak moment, Banyon relents. Big mistake. Soon our plucky P.I. is caught up in the crazy chaos that comes hand-in-glove with the larger than life superhero biz. If he's lucky enough to survive the thrilling flights, dizzying heights, Spandex tights, bare-knuckled fights, and a doozy of a demented ex-girlfriend, Crag Banyon might live just long enough to make it to his own funeral.



Jim Mullaney is the author of over 30 books, as well as comics, short stories, novellas and opinion pieces. His work has been published by New American Library, Gold Eagle/Harlequin, Marvel Comics, Tor and Moonstone Books. The first paperback of his Red Menace ebook action-adventure series will be released to bookstores in spring 2013 by Moonstone. He is also author of the comic ebook Crag Banyon Mystery series.