The Eternal Struggle

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When your life ends . . . The adventure begins

Niccolo Bontecelli and Seamus O’Malley thought their afterlife would simply be a peaceful journey to Heaven. Little did they suspect their path would lead through Hell!

Satan, seeking a final victory in his eternal struggle with Goodness, strives to gain dominion over both the spiritual realm of Limbo and Earth. Hitler and Stalin are released from Hell with orders to bring havoc to Limbo and manipulate the upcoming US Presidential election.

Niccolo and Seamus battle evil with the aid of Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Biko and other historic figures. Can they save Limbo, Earth, and their own souls, or will Satan’s soldiers achieve their malicious goals?


James Rourke, author of The Comic Book Curriculum and From my Classroom to Yours, teaches history and psychology at the Norwich Free Academy in Norwich, CT. The Eternal Struggle: Two Worlds, One War is the first book of The Eternal Struggle trilogy. Visit his website and his Facebook page James Rourke – writer.


Rourke has done a masterful job of combining the physical and the unknown spiritual world to develop a meaningful and believable tale. …interesting and compelling, regardless of whether you believe in spirituality or the afterlife.”
~ Rick Fess, Book Reviewer and founder of

“…caused me to delve deeply and question my own convictions and belief about life. Ideas lingered in my thoughts long after I finished the last page.”

~ Lorraine Dooley, History Teacher