This Most Amazing
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On the verge of the future, our past lives surface. Dahlia couldn’t have fallen in love with Jonas at a more inconvenient time. Not only is she about to move from the US to Italy, her enigmatic dreams about an 18th-century Italian soldier are playing tricks on her mind. While her daily life is taken over by her turbulent relationship with Jonas, her dreams are dominated by an Italian soldier who lived more than 200 years ago… She enters a balancing act between dream and reality, in which she is thrown back and forth between the past and the future. What happens to Dahlia after she falls asleep? Will the two worlds she lives in eventually collide? Dahlia is conflicted about her imminent departure. After many sleepless nights (caused by arguments and steamy make-up sex), Dahlia and Jonas decide she should still move to Italy. The lovers struggle with the strains of their long-distance relationship. As if that wasn’t enough for Dahlia, she starts dreaming about the life of Vincenzo, an Italian soldier who deserts Napoleon Bonaparte’s army in 1797. These life-like flashbacks raise her curiosity: what is the nature of her dreams? Are they figments of her imagination or memories from a parallel life? This work of literary fiction intertwines a contemporary romance with the concept of time travel. Go on a voyage to 18th-century Italy and accompany the charismatic Dahlia on her quest to love and enlightenment. Are the people from our pasts truly inside of us, in one way or another? How could Dahlia’s life still be connected to Vincenzo’s fate? Is she strong enough to overcome the challenges she is facing?