Seasons of Glass
Recommend for YA readers by School Librarian with 15 years experience.
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Bored and restless, Jasper thinks he will never escape the sleepy, desert town of Benton. Little does he know that his life is about to become more exciting than he could ever imagine. Jasper's wild ride begins one day when an odd little man brings a magic mirror into the antique shop owned by his mother. The mirror's magic is activated by a sequence of notes Jasper unknowingly strums on his lute. Caught inside the mirror and swept into a twilight world of glass, the mirror transports him back to Renaissance England and the chamber of a nobleman's daughter, Elena Culstone. While Jasper despairs of every being free of the mirror or returning to his own time, he falls in love with the fiery Elena, who believes the young man she glimpses in her mirror is a figment of her imagination. Seasons of Glass is a YA fantasy of timeless love and magic to captivate the young-at-heart.


The author is an active member of the Harper Collins writing community. A passion for writing has given birth to three YA fantasy books, "Seasons of Glass," Ecanus Publishing, Oct 2013, "Rose of the Alchemist," Ecanus Publishing, March 2014, and soon to be published, "The Fire Tree."


"I have been an elementary school librarian for over 15 years and am immensely pleased with the book "Seasons of Glass" by L. E. Frost. I have read many YA fantasy books over the years and found "Seasons of Glass" to be a truly great read. I feel this book tells a story that middle grade readers will enjoy, and without any hesitation I recommend you add this book to your collection." Laurie Christenson, Condit School Librarian

“Fantasy at its best. A charming tale for any YA reader enchanted by the mystery and magic of true fantasy novels. L. E. Frost has crafted a well-written, descriptive and enticing story suitable for fantasy/romance/adventure readers of all ages.” Gretchen Steen, fantasy author.

“The book was a great story, and the characters were very realistic. I loved how the book combined magic and a love story. The idea of using the mirror to travel in time was absolutely fascinating. By the end of the book, I really felt attached to the characters, as if what happened to them was really important to
me. I think that the best works of literature inspire that feeling in their readers. It was delightful to read.” Julianne Carter, middle grade student.