Facing the Music
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A lively, captivating story set in the Glastonbury Festival that will appeal to all fans of contemporary fiction, especially festival goers, music lovers and those interested in family relationships. The release of the book coincides with the start of the festival season this June.

Facing the Music is a vibrant, uplifting novel that will transport readers to the very heart of the Glastonbury Festival, setting their pulses racing from the start. Without moving from their seats, readers will be swept up by the crowds and immersed in the sights and sounds of this extraordinary event, soaking up the atmosphere, absorbing the energy and experiencing the rain, the mud and the toilets. Readers will explore Glastonbury with the central character, Gary Cochrane, whose rebellious teenagers are straining to break free and assert their independence. Gary is a single parent who is desperate to cling onto his children, but he’s hiding a secret that starts to force them apart. He made a pledge and he intends to keep it - but the festival has a way of exposing the truth, and Gary is no longer master of his own fate...

This page-turning novel explores family relationships, love, loss and betrayal. Facing the Music is a vivid portrayal of Glastonbury itself: an iconic festival that, once a year, turns a sleepy valley in the south west of England into a small city; a non-stop festival of lights, colour and noise; a festival bursting with excitement and surprises, with the power to change a life forever. Tim Thorogood’s influences include contemporary novelists such as Nick Hornby, David Nicholls and SJ Watson. He plans to donate half of all profits to the three charities that Glastonbury currently supports - Greenpeace, Water Aid and Oxfam.


Tim Thorogood has enjoyed the Glastonbury Festival for a number of years since he first attended in 1981. He introduced his children to the festival in 2002 and it has been a firm family fixture ever since. Aside from Tim’s passion for live music, he enjoys travelling the world and learning new languages. He lives in East Dulwich, south London with his family, where he continues to enjoy writing and prepares for Glastonbury 2014.


Good and easy to read, very realistic of the whole festival scene and combines a good level of humour and pathos.
by katieku

Good holiday read, and captures the festival feel as well as the usual (and less usual) family tensions.

by Duncan

Great read. Really catches the 'Festival feel' and a lot more.

by Chris

A 'must read' for anyone who has ever been to Glastonbury. Good plot with several unexpected twists. Funny and touching, especially the daughter/father relationship. A well written first novel that would appeal to all age groups.

by ESChelt

Glastonbury festival is legendary, everyone in England basically tries to go and it is THE largest music festival in the world. I'm a big music enthusiast, and even more so for festivals (I actually have gone to a few including Coachella) and Glastonbury is on my bucket list. This specific book narrates the adventure that Gary, his two kids and some family friends. Things get wild, because all in all, festivals are insane, and even more so when there are over 900 acres worth to this place. Gary and his family recently (3 years to be exact) lost the head to their pack, the mother. Gary is still far from over it and so are his kids, however, they have learned to cope with ti, which Gary has yet to do. In a desperate attempt to escape it all they head to Glastonbury for a weekend full of music, tea, people, and mud. Drugs are definitively part of the experience, although you would expect these to be taken by the teenagers, and the single father does them. A crazy ride of self-recovery, bonding and love all take place in the magical setting that Glastonbury provides. As for the realness to it, I again, have never been to Glastonbury, but I have experience with the festival scene and let me tell you Tim Thorogood did his job. Every part of this book was narrated in perfect manner so the reader could paint the picture in their heads. God it made me miss Coachella and hope for Glastonbury. The story is very real as well which makes it interesting. What was most interesting personally is that as a 17 year old girl I don't really read books in an adult's perspective, let alone a dad's, and I really did enjoy it.

by NetGalley Review