Kirschroter Sommer (Cherry Red Summer)/Türkisgrüner Winter (Turquoise Green Winter)
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More About This Title Kirschroter Sommer (Cherry Red Summer)/Türkisgrüner Winter (Turquoise Green Winter)


*** German romance bestseller: 350,000 e-books/150,000 print books ***
*** 3,000 enthusiastic reviews (90% 5*/4*) ***
*** A love in Berlin – romance with addictive quality ***


Carina Bartsch was born in 1985 in Erlangen, Germany, in the Franconia region of Bavaria. Her love of writing came late, but intensely. After searching since childhood for something she would really enjoy doing, she finally wrote her first short story at age twenty. Instantly, she realized: this is it. Four years later, after she had won several writing competitions, Bartsch published her debut novel, Cherry Red Summer and the sequel Turquoise Green Winter, which made her the most successful German romance author.


Cherry Red Summer:
No girl ever forgets her first love... No one knows that better than Emely Winter. It’s been seven years since she last saw the man with the turquoise eyes, Elyas Schwarz—the embodiment of everything mothers warn their daughters about. Good-looking, charming, and with a hint of ar- rogance, Elyas is back in Emely’s life and driving her crazy. She hates him from the bottom of her heart, but, even so, she can’t deny her growing attraction.
Thinking it’s high time to put on the brakes, Emely turns her attention to Luca, the intriguing new man she’s only ever met online. With two men pulling her in different directions, Emely must decide which of them is showing her his true self. After all the work she’s done to learn to trust again, will Emely’s efforts be for nothing?
Turquoise Green Winter:
A week after Cherry Red Summer, Emely still can’t understand why both of her potential lovers, Elyas and Luca, suddenly broke off contact with her. Only when Emely decides to summon the courage to confront Elyas does she discover how hard she has fallen for him once again. But as autumn gives way to winter, Emely’s newfound bliss is shattered when she discovers a shocking lie that destroys her trust in Elyas. To flee their ruined relationship, Elyas makes plans to leave Emely, and Berlin, behind. As they prepare to part ways for good, Emely must decide if she can let Elyas go—even if it means being haunted forever by those turquoise-green eyes she’ll never see again.
Turquoise Green Winter is the emotional conclusion of Carina Bartsch’s captivating two-book romance.


Megaromantic! (Joy Magazine, 280,000 copies)

The story of Emely and her early love Elyas is so captivating, that you can’t stop reading. (Lisa Magazine, 270,000 copies)

A must-read for for everyone, who longs fort he feeling of infatuation or who wants to feel the magic of a first love once again. Absolute addictive quality! (Radio Mephisto97,6, University Leipzig)

The style of writing is great. Starightforward, sparkling and emotional in the right moments. ( blog)

Cherry Red Summer sticks out of the mass of love stories. A young and fresh story with plenty of wit and charm ... The battles of words are definitely a highlight oft he book. ( blog)

A story full of prickling, love, lot of sarcasm and humor. You simply can’t put this book down. ( blog)

Amazon reader reviews

It is simply fantastiv – can’t get away from it.

This book is absolutely addictive!

Hope to get the kids to bed soon, I need to continue :-)

I love this book, I felt with Emely at so many points. Simply couldn’t stop reading ;-)

This book simply is super mega great... What a pity that I already finished it, but I had to read it in one go... ;)

Thanks for a couple of hours full of emotion! I alternately cried out my eyes and curled up with laughter.

Wonderful!! I read day and night, it was tooootally great!! A very, very, super terrific book!!

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