Inspiration Meditation: Igniting Insights & Ideas (A Go Creative! Book)
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More About This Title Inspiration Meditation: Igniting Insights & Ideas (A Go Creative! Book)


What Is Meditation?

In this "How To Meditate" Guide, novelist Orna Ross explains the the theory and practice of meditation -- and introduces Inspiration Meditation, her own meditation method, which she practices daily and has taught to hundreds of people through her Go Creative! books and blog.

What Is Inspiration Meditation?

Inspiration Meditation is designed to cultivate creativity, ideas and insights. It is not just for writers and artists -- though they will find it intensely useful. Inspiration Meditation is for anyone who wants to master the art of conscious creation and apply it to any aspect of life.

Insight, flow, joy, peace, humour, perception, revelation: these are not distant attainments or elite possessions. They are available to us all -- but they do require certain mental and emotional conditions to flourish.

The structure and step-by-step approach of Inspiration Meditation creates these conditions, allowing access to the space beyond thought that is the source of all creative ideas and insights.

The book also includes an in-depth question-and-answer section about the physical, emotional and imaginative benefits of meditation - stripping away much of the mystique that surrounds this practice to reveal its core components.

The last thing meditation should become is another pressure. This book shows you why you resist and how to replace self-sabotaging energy with positive flow. In short, how to meditate often and well, with ease and enjoyment.

Finally, the book also includes a section on the connections between meditation and the seven stages of the creative process.

Practice Inspiration Meditation to:
- encourage creative flow in all aspects of your life
- develop awareness, focus and presence
- enable peace and ease in your relationships - enjoy life more - create more of what you want and less of the rest.

Also available on Orna Ross's website: Accompanying INSPIRATION MEDITATION AUDIO.