Don't Cry For The Brave
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Lieutenant Bob McDade volunteers for the Vietnam War instead of becoming a school teacher.
He made the wrong decision.

When Lieutenant Bob McDade witnesses an officer ordering the execution of villagers while on an operation to gather intelligence about the Viet Cong, he questions his role as a seasoned veteran. Conflicted, he argues with his commanding officer and is court martialled as a result.

McDade is found guilty and is facing disgrace, but his lawyer wins a plea that he is a victim of 'battle stress'. He is sent to a veteran’s psychiatric hospital in the US while the army happily closes down the issue of a war crime.

Meanwhile, Gail is dedicated to her work in another veteran’s home in the US. She met McDade in Saigon while she was working as a nurse, although the couple knew each other from high school, and they fell in love.

Uncertain of whether he is sane or not, McDade eventually walks out of the hospital. He plans to leave, and he wants to take Gail with him. Will he persuade her to leave her job and nurse elsewhere, or will Gail be destroyed by the very madness she is trying to cure?

Focusing on battle stress and exploring the difficult issue of front line soldiers under stress who kill civilians, Don’t Cry for the Brave is an intriguing novel for those who enjoy military and crime fiction.


Gil Hogg is a former lawyer who has published novels set in a number of countries including the USA and England. He writes contemporary fiction, drawing on his personal experience and often on the background cases he has handled involving fraud, violence, police corruption and sex crimes.