Wacko Hacko
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Nasser Hashmi's new political thriller sees a tabloid whistleblower expose phone hacking. Tabloid reporter Jamie Parkes doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when pursuing a story. He interprets voice messages, fabricates quotes and trawls through his web of contacts to find out more about the victims in the 9/11 disaster. But when one of his stories is mysteriously spiked, he begins to question the motives of his flamboyant editor, Warren Fitton. Fitton treats phone hacking and corruption allegations with breathtaking flippancy which leaves Jamie feeling uncomfortable. Confused by the alterations in his story, he decides to investigate further. He wants to know why his world exclusive was ditched and more importantly who is behind it. As he searches for evidence, he soon discovers that he has become the target and he is being framed. His whistleblower status turns into an epic battle for survival as the state, police and media hunt him down. Once a seasoned reporter, but now a wanted man. Jamie Parkes becomes the scapegoat for discrediting the tabloid empire. Wacko Hacko is a political thriller loosely based on the phone hacking saga. Readers interested in current affairs, including the recently explosive Leveson enquiry, will find this novel particularly interesting. This novel will also interest fans of thriller fiction with its dark narrative and disturbingly convincing characters. Set in the pre-smartphone era, Wacko Hacko also explores pressing issues in the tabloid world including the rise of celebrity, the treatment of women and the love-hate relationship with the police.