From That Flame
The ONLY Book That Tells the Amazing Story of the Afghani Freedom Fighter
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FROM THAT FLAME follows journalist Michelle Garrett as she interviews the legendary Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud – the “Lion of Panjshir” – in Afghanistan’s rugged Hindu Kush Mountains. Without warning, an attack by Taliban and al-Qaeda troops propels Michelle into a wartime adventure with Commander Massoud and his Mujahidin, one in which a friendship between the journalist and Massoud grows, giving her a unique perspective into the man the Wall Street Journal credited as being “the Afghan who ended the Cold War.”


Author’s Note
1. Journalist
2. Attack
3. Treason
4. Exhaustion
5. Mountains
6. Helicopter
7. Cave
8. Facts
9. Blood
10. Found
11. Abdullah
12. Greatness
13. Meeting
14. Return
15. Finished
16. Tribute
17. Paris
18. Hamid
19. Battle
20. Weary
21. Letter
22. Allies
23. Lion
24. Loss
25. Al-Qaeda
26. Dream
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