Top 100 Coffee Recipes
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Coffee lovers, are you in search of the perfect cup of coffee? As coffee drinks have risen in status to "state of the art" designer beverages, this book provides a unique selection of innovative culinary delights culled from a broad range of cultures and beverage drinkers around the world.

In this beautifully illustrated book you will find one hundred recipe secrets to creating the best tasting, most relaxing and healthiest cup of "black gold".

Includes nutritional and caffeine analysis of these popular and irresistible recipes so that you can appropriately select the coffee that best meets your dietary needs. You are sure to enjoy creating, serving, and drinking the best international coffees in just a matter of minutes from the leisurely comfort of your own home.


Mary Ward's search for the perfect cup of coffee began on her farm near Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and has taken her to English coffee houses, French cafes, Italian espresso bars, manufacturing facilities in Holland, and coffee farms in Costa Rica. Mary has taught millions of Americans how to brew the perfect cup of coffee and is the author of four cookbooks, including Top 100 Tea Recipes.She is a home economist, food stylist, nutrition consultant, and member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.


"This books is a celebration of the flavor of coffee. It joyously explores hundreds of possibilities for hot and cold coffee drinks." - Timothy J. Castle, President & Company Former President, Specialty Coffee Association of America, Author of The Perfect Cup

"Top 100 Coffee Recipes is the ultimate recipe book for coffee lovers. This exciting collections captures the truly diverse nature of coffee - from simple blends to elegant desserts. To add to the reader's enjoyment, Mary also includes basic information on the subject of coffee, a brief introduction before each recipe, and a nutritional analysis of each for the health conscious... a must for the coffee connoisseur and novice alike." - Health & Fitness Magazine

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