How to Get Rich, Stay Rich, and Be Happy
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In this revised and updated edition of his best-seller, Fred Young, a self-made millionaire and investment counselor, utilizes his experience as head of the trust department of one of the nation's leading banks to present the three main sources of wealth -- real estate, self-owned businesses, and common stocks. How to Get Rich, Stay Rich, and Be Happy advises readers on how to judge what decisions are important for different personalities, how to make choices that fit their lifestyles, and what kind of changes and adjustments to expect when they graduate to a higher income bracket. This book is filled with practical insights such as:
- Anyone can get rich who wants it badly enough
- Adversity creates opportunity
- Staying Rich - The Most Important Thing


Fred Young is a self-made millionaire who offers no-nonsense advice on how to build and hold on to wealth. His expertise is centered in real estate, common stocks, and personal business. For 27 years, he was a money manager and investment counselor, and retired as Head of the Trust Department at the Harris Trust Savings Bank of Chicago, one of America's leading banks. Currently, he is a much sought-after speaker and seminar leader.

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