The Art of Science
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Did you ever wonder why science is so boring? Maybe scientists are hoping you won't find out quite how dumb they are... In The Art of Science, Gareth Morgan takes you on a romp through the ivory towers of Academe.With his no-nonsense style, he reveals just what goes on inside the fantastical world of 'scientification', and highlights how everyone could benefit greatly if they were to apply some of the insights and innovations described here for the first time. Is there any truth in the concepts of black holes or relativity? What about the hole in the ozone layer? Why can't you kill a virus? Why can't pregnant women get ulcers? Can continents really slide around the globe? How do aeroplanes fly? These are some of the questions this book asks; questions that scientists wish we wouldn't! Morgan then goes on to propose some solutions to the problems science should have been addressing: How can we get pollution-free energy from the air? How could we build a disease-free environment? How did the people of Peckham get their teenagers to behave? Studies have shown that, when it comes to solving mazes, professors are no smarter than the laboratory rats they work with. Pit yourself against the world's greatest thinkers and make up your own mind! The Art of Science will almost certainly be the most interesting book you have ever read, exposing much of the nonsense propounded by 20th century science.. It requires no special knowledge of science to enjoy it, and with its entertaining and informal style, it will appeal to any open-minded individual.