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Beth Rowles Scott invites you to walk with her as she eloquently tells of her prairie childhood, her challenging cancer and her fulfilling senior years. At 63, she marries the love of her life and in 1993 founds the African Canadian Continuing Education Society (ACCES), a non-profit organization and model NGO that has built ten schools in Kenya and has helped provide thousands of youth access to education.


Beth Rowles Scott grew up in rural Saskatchewan in the 1930s. After moving to BC, she earned a BA and a BEd at the University of British Columbia, which she then followed with a master’s degree and a doctorate in educational administration. She and her husband are the founders of ACCESS, a non-profit organization that has provided educational funding and facilities to thousands of children and young adults in rural Kenya. She lives in Surrey, BC, where she is currently working on another novel.

Exhibited At: International book fairs