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More About This Title THE WORLD OF CYPRUS 1960-1974


A magnificent album by the eminent artist photographer Takis Demetriades, with informative captions written by the author Panos Ioannides. In the critical period of 1960 – 1974, a period which, with the events that marked it, changed the course of the history of our country, the sensitive lens of Takis Demetriades had recorded indelibly characteristic, we could say unique, people of Cyprus, at work, at leisure, deep in thought, people young and old, fine old men who make you proud just to see them, gentle, uncompromising or picturesque old women, who awaken in you feelings of respect and love. When you look at the photographs, a window suddenly opens in time and takes you back, to times that have gone forever, offering you a large series of images which describe and preserve the way the simple, unspoilt, average Cypriot lived, worked, thought and spent, in earlier times, his leisure – the people of the town or the village, of the soil and hard work, of the sea, the field or the tranquil monastery.

Exhibited At: International book fairs