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More About This Title NEVERKING


Neverking tells an irresistible and enthralling story of heroism, undying friendship, and powerful love that takes place in a vibrant and very believable world of deceit and danger.
Coming-of-age should never be this hard. But when your father’s been cursed to walk the lands as an undead skeleton and he happens to be the King of the Elves, ‘coming-of-age’ gets a new definition.

Avador Andor sets forth to defy odds that an army of well-trained men would fear to even think about, in order to save his father and his lands. The young Elf is united with two of his childhood friends, each refusing to let him go alone, and join him to face the impossible odds together. They experience an unforgettable journey that puts the power of friendship through one bitter test after another. Together, as a team that has never seen the world beyond its village, they must confront and conquer ‘the unknown’ by protecting and believing in each other.

Exhibited At: International book fairs