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More About This Title ECO-CHIC


Eco-Chic is the book which will make you help yourself, helping to save the planet at the same time, with small but important gestures. Eco-Chic proposes some sustainable and stylish habits with a minimal impact over our planet.

Although we are not aware of it, our planet is exhausted. You can make possible that our grandchildren enjoy the earth just as we know it now.

Did you know that you can avoid more than a 10% of the electricity bill?

Did you know that to make and to transport a plastic bottle full of water requires, in petroleum, a quarter of its volume?

And, that with the quantity of running water that you can get for 1€, it would be possible to fill 800 bottles of 1 litre?

Eco-Chic provides 10 tricks which will help the planet and will help you. Through these 10 principles: MOISTURIZE, TAKE AWAY, EAT, PEDAL, WEAR, CARE, CARRY, ACCESSORIZE, PLANT, and THINK, Margaret Fenwick proposes some simple guide lines of habits that will help all of us.