What Happened That Day
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What do a King, a Queen, a Magician, and a Compass have in common? Open the pages of What Happened That Day? to find out! This whimsical story tells how the start of an ordinary day can lead to extraordinary adventures in a magical kingdom. Young readers also learn how one kingdom can be turned upside down by a hop, a skip, and a PLOP. With every turn of the page, children will search for letters to reinforce letter recognition. However, What Happened That Day? is not your typical "ABC" book. (Famous song lyrics say "ABC is as easy as 123" but, what if ABC is not as easy as 123?) This adventure book is designed with detailed illustrations that incorporate letters featured on each page. The book encourages children to identify stylized letters as well as standard fonts. Teaching and creativity combine to make this book an enjoyable learning experience for both parent and child.

Exhibited At: International book fairs