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Allama Mashraqi (Inayatullah Khan), sage of the East, was among few courageous leaders who bravely fought for the independence of India that resulted in the creation of Pakistan and India. Mashraqi’s role prior to and after the partition of India is vital to the history of the Indian sub-continent. He was founder of Khaksar Tehreek (Movement) (founded in 1930) and Islam League (founded after independence). Mashraqi devoted his life to the uplift of the common man. He was not only an outstanding leader of the 20th century but also one of the greatest revolutionaries, visionaries, scholars, and mathematicians that emerged in that part of the world. Mashraqi’s genius was proven when early on when he set unprecedented academic records at the Cambridge University (U.K.). There he completed four Triposes in five years with distinction. He was declared a Bachelor Scholar, Foundation Scholar and a Wrangler. It is believed that his academic records at this University are yet to be surpassed. He returned to India after his education and within a few years, in 1917, at age 29, he was appointed Under Secretary (Education Dept.) in British India. The British offered him Ambassadorship to Afghanistan in 1920 and the title of Sir in 1921. However, he declined both offers, and opted to represent and fight for the masses. Mashraqi was also among great speakers and writers, and his monumental work is "Tazkirah" ("Tazkira") an interpretation of the Holy Quran from a scientific perspective. Indeed, these credentials speak of a man born with astounding skills and exceptional abilities. Such personalities are born once in centuries. Mashraqi’s followers and supporters ran in millions. He passed away in 1963 and well over 100,000 people came to attend his funeral and mourn his demise. With his death, an important chapter of Pakistan and India’s history closed, as he played a vital role in both the pre- and post- independence eras. Though Mashraqi passed away, people will continue to be inspired by this legendary personality.May his soul rest in peace. "Allama Mashriqi’s legacy is immortal" - Nasim Yousaf. "Pakistan’s Birth and Allama Mashraqi" is a time line of events surrounding this giant among men, his political activities, and his parties. This publication is a result of exhaustive research on this subject that Mr. Yousaf, Mashraqi’s grandson, has been carrying on for over a decade. This work includes important dates, events, press statements, information on court proceedings, photos, and more. It also provides additional insight through the editor’s comments. It is one of the most comprehensive and important pieces that the editor has published on Mashraqi and his parties. It is a great source of information for scholars, researchers, professors, historians, authors, journalists, students, movie/documentary makers and anyone else interested in this great personality. This book is a sequel to "Pakistan’s Freedom and Allama Mashriqi: Statements, Letters, Chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (Movement), Period: Mashriqi’s Birth to 1947. Web sites dedicated to respected Allama Mashraqi: