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RISEN by Anthony M. McDonald, Sr. from Anthony M. McDonald, Sr.

Sub Title

  • From Jamestown To The White House
  • Author:
  • Illustrator:
    Anthony M. McDonald, Sr.
  • Publisher Name:
    AS & J Publishing Group
  • Binding Type:
    Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 10:
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  • Publication Date:
  • No. of Page:
    300 +
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  • Anthony M. McDonald, Sr.
Anthony M. McDonald, Sr.

Offered By Anthony M. McDonald, Sr.

Author, Anthony McDonald was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in a crime ridden-section of the North Side. He describes his childhood with adjectives that allude to sadness, embarrassment, and elements of darkness. As an A student who enjoyed learning and school, McDonald often felt ostrac...

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  • About the Book
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From Jamestown to the White House, the book Risen will refresh your memory about people you may know. It will also introduce you to several people you may not know or may never have heard of. The book serves as a reference in understanding how many of the characters between the pages achieved their accomplishments through education, faith, hard work, inspiration, and with the help of mentors. Some of the extraordinary figures were instrumental from the 1600’s, to the civil rights movements and up to our present day. The book showcases the great transformation and journey of African-Americans in America. It highlights figures such as; William Tucker who was the first recorded African-American child born in America to the parents of slaves, (Isabella and Anthony) to Barack Obama who was the first African-American president of the United States. Risen also captures the contributions of women such as Harriet Tubman, Phyliss Wheatley and Oprah Winfrey. McDonald hopes that readers will see that through perseverance, determination, and at times mere miracles, African-American have been able to evolve and re-shape society while impacting the world. Whether it was through mere talent or through God, Risen explores how transformational and important African-American have been to history. Through RISEN, those who may have gone unnoticed, unwritten about or simply ignored now have a page that binds them to our world today.