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Hulagu’s Web weaves a story about Senator Katherine Laforge and her quest for the Presidency during the 2004 presidential race. The book chronicles the events leading up to a deadly attack to her campaign bus in Charlestown, NH resulting in numerous deaths and speaks of many situations Americans still continue to struggle with 5 years later. Hulagu's Web is a slashing indictment of today's political scene. It is fast moving , spiced with assassination, conspiracy, action, mystery, deception, suspense, love, hate, politics, and even faith. It provides a fresh and original way to think about democracy, political process, and corporate greed. Emerging from the pages of Hulagu's Web is a thesis that members of congress and groups of businessmen clandestinely work together, backed by substantial funds, to corrupt the present democratic system and establish their own plutocracy. Hulagu's Web is more than a novel of political intrigue; it questions and thoughtfully considers grave problems of our contemporary, global society.

Exhibited At: International book fairs