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More About This Title LA DAMA DE DUWISIB


Jayta Humphreys, a rich American lady married to a German veteran of the colonial wars tells her life in German Southwest Africa. In the previous years of the 1st World War, the couple traveled to that continent to build a mansion and to breed horses in the middle of the Nabib desert as they shared a common passion for these animals and both were accomplished riders.

But Jayta had received a liberal and feminist upbringing and soon her mentality was bound to clash with the social and political establishment in that colony. In the novel we can see how, from Jayta’s perspective of the surrounding atmosphere, another important element takes shape: a very negative perception of the European expasionism and the abuses linked to it.

Based on a true story. Both the main character, Jayta and her husband, Hans Heinrich von Wolf are real people and the best part of the story has been inspired in real facts, among the situations created by the author including the development of Jayta’s platonic love-affair, her conversations with Sigmund Freud and her harrowing visit to a native war prisoners camp in the infamous «Shark Island»...

A story about the personal dignity of the freedom fighters compared to the obvious injustices of wanton plunder and repression.

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