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Genre Fiction.
Brief description It’s a novel presented as first person narration of the middle aged female protagonist, working in the field of social work.
Who will/should read it? School teachers, counselors, mothers, girls. Should be recommended to adolescent boys to help them understand the other gender.

This offbeat novel tells the story of a tumultuous journey of a good-meaning social worker who dares to challenge the establishment at different levels. She challenges it on a personal level as well as the social one, while working for the uplift of tribal women. Transparent portrayal of panchayat (village committee) level politics; and ins and outs of complex working of NGOs get interspersed and provide the readers a penetrative peep into the intricate politics of so-called social work.

Rights available for: All Indian languages, English, Asian and European languages


Priyadarshani Academi Literary Award, 2006 and other eleven state level awards. Being translated in Hindi and Kannada.