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More About This Title LAURA FEDORA


LAURA FEDORA is a flashback to the summer of 1976 in Philadelphia, where Richard Mercurius, the main character of the Mercury Trilogy, grew up. Through Richard's journal, the reader meets Laura, an Italian girl working with Richard on the school newspaper. The themes established earlier in THE GRINGO--betrayal, obsessive love, eccentric families, outlandish characters, a satirical view of life, and an amazing foot fetish on Richard's part--begin here with Laura, "that redheaded girl with a hat for a name!"


Robert Brancatelli is a novelist and occasionally funny humorist working on the "Mercury Trilogy," featuring the main character, Richard Mercurius ("Merk"). The trilogy is made up of THE GRINGO (2011), LAURA FEDORA (2014), and MAYA MIA. He is also writing a collection of autobiographical short stories called NINE LIVES with titles such as "Angelina in a Casket," "Give Us Our Trespasses," and "Rocky the Friggin Squirrel."

Brancatelli teaches business ethics at Fordham University and is the founder of Fordham Road Collaborative (, dedicated to the advancement of personal and organizational mission in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality. He lives in New York City and ties his own bow ties (or unties them as the case may be).