5 Little Dinosaurs - Triceratops: Three-Horned Face
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More About This Title 5 Little Dinosaurs - Triceratops: Three-Horned Face


5 Little Dinosaurs. A mole, living under a beautiful park, dreams of having a family of her own while watching her friends play with their children. One day, while digging a new tunnel, she finds 5 huge stones. When one begins to move she is startled to realise they are in fact eggs....dinosaur eggs. As the eggs hatch one by one a different dinosaur emerges, and each of them see Mole for the first time and think she is their mother. The story of each of the dinosaurs begins.

This series has 6 titles. Each of them focuses on one of the dinosaurs and tells a story of its own.

1. Mole and the Huge Eggs
2. Crested Parasaurolophus
3. Fused Ankylosaurus
4. Stegosaurus: Roof Lizard
5. An Angry T-Rex
6. Triceratops: Three-Horned Face