The Doksany Legacy
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It’s winter 1987. Mohsen Raza, merciless head of Iran’s feared Revolutionary Guard hunts millionaire oilman Declan Doyle, whose personal undertaking to deliver the Geneva Project … a vital offshore oilfield installation in the Persian Gulf, crucial to the survival of an Iranian economy, weakened by the war with Iraq … has proven worthless. Englishman Doyle, desperate to escape Raza’s retribution and save his company, makes a frantic last throw of a set of dice loaded heavily against him. Evading Raza’s forces he flees the tiny Arab state of Abu Nar, feverishly bent on seeking the truth in a dying man’s story of Nazi treasure, one great enough to finance and complete the Geneva Project, saving him from a possibly agonising end at Raza’s hands. With nail-biting action from the start, Doyle’s frantic escape from his Iranian hunters leads him through dangerous, unpredictable Mujahideen-controlled Pakistan, onward to Northern Europe and finally to the Arab enclave of Dhofar, a desolate place that holds the key to possibly saving his life … a life spent cheating and ruled by greed for which he knows, inevitably, a price must be paid. What Doyle cannot know is his chequered past and discovery of much sought after Nazi treasure, has set other hunters on his trail … and Mohsen Raza may not end up being the very worst of them. The Doksany Legacy … the much-anticipated sequel to Quentin Cope’s highly successful action and adventure novel The Geneveh Project, is an un-put-down-able tale of stark terror and final retribution for a lone, desperate man fleeing some of the most feared adversaries in the world … until finally forced to face the ultimate legacy of his own past.